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Postseason Implications: Seventh Seeded Bengals One Game Out Of The Playoff Picture

Despite going through a four-game losing streak earlier this year, the Bengals have won two straight, getting back to .500 and silently resuming postseason whispers.

Jamie Squire

Granted it's only 11 weeks deep into the 2012 NFL regular season, but it's never too early. Especially for a city starving for postseason success -- instead of just reaching the playoffs. Yet teams have to make the playoffs before achieving any form of success in the premium postseason.

Nothing changed on Sunday in terms of teams dropping in and out of the projected six seeds; though the Steelers could impact the picture against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football.

1. Houston Texans 9-1
2. Baltimore Ravens 7-2
3. New England Patriots 7-3
4. Denver Broncos 7-3
5. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3
6. Indianapolis Colts 6-4

Now as long as the Bengals keep winning, they're avoid the mess of 4-6 teams behind them.

7. Cincinnati Bengals 5-5
8. San Diego Chargers 4-6
Tennessee Titans 4-6
New York Jets 4-6
Buffalo Bills 4-6
Miami Dolphins 4-6

We get that the conversion remains premature. Six games remain and despite the schedule appearing brighter in the short term against the Raiders, Chargers, Cowboy and Eagles, games against the Ravens and Steelers close out Cincinnati's regular season schedule. And don't sleep on the San Diego game, played on the west coast where the Bengals have historically struggled.