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A.J Green's Single-Season Record Breaking Performance With Awe Touchdown Reception

Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is exactly who he was drafted to become. Not only breaking a single-season record for most consecutive games with a touchdown, he did it in typical Green fashion.

Peter Aiken

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is the answer to every question; save for the universal answer to life's biggest question (42, if you're interested). With 2:56 remaining in the first quarter, down by three points, A.J. Green poses in his manly two-point stance wide left on first and goal from the Chiefs four-yard line.

Quarterback Andy Dalton takes the snap and confidently throws an arching pass targeting the back left pylon. Green was shocked by Dalton's decision.

"They rotated to my side late, but he put it where they couldn't get it," Green said of the double coverage.

Keeping cornerback Javier Arenas within arms length, Green positioned himself for the obvious jump ball. While ninja-jumping into the air, with more body control than the rest of us have walking to the bathroom, Green reached out with his left arm to catch the football one-handed, dropping both feet in-bounds to score the touchdown.

The touchdown extends Green's streak of touchdowns to nine straight, breaking T.J. Houshmandzadeh's single season streak in 2007. Next up is Carl Picken's franchise record of 10 consecutive games split over two seasons, and Jerry Rice's NFL record 13 straight.

Green, once again leading the team with 91 yards receiving on six receptions, is currently on pace for 102 catches for 1,458 yards receiving and 16 touchdowns.