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FOURTH QUARTER SNAPSHOT: Eating The Clock Like Candy

The Cincinnati Bengals secured a 22-point lead after Mohamed Sanu's 14-yard touchdown, expanding Cincinnati's already dominating lead into the fourth quarter.

Jamie Squire

If CBS hoped for a ratings draw Sunday, they're obviously not expecting it to come from the Chiefs and Bengals on Sunday afternoon. Despite both teams sporting losing records entering the game, Cincinnati had the game well-in-hand by the fourth quarter, leading 21-6. Arrowhead Stadium was largely abandoned by then and it wouldn't be surprising if gleeful Bengals fans did some yard work while whistling songs of awesome joy.

Cincinnati opened the fourth quarter with a 12-play touchdown drive, killing 5:21 off the fourth quarter clock, capped by a Mohamed Sanu 14-yard touchdown, giving the Bengals a 28-6 lead.

Beyond that the game's final quarter was a battle between Brady Quinn's "blah" fourth quarter performance and Cincinnati's clock-killing transition. BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Cedric Peerman combined for 12 carries, picking up 46 yards rushing, helping the Bengals cruise to .500 on the season.