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Bengals Announce Plenty of Tickets Remain Against The Raiders

Casron Palmer returns to Cincinnati this Sunday when the Oakland Raiders come to town. More importantly the Bengals could find themselves with increasing postseason chatter with a win this weekend.

Ezra Shaw

One would think that by having our old buddy Carson Palmer returning to Cincinnati for the first time since he was traded, that the tickets would be flying off the proverbial shelves. C'mon, man. It's Carson Palmer; the guy that spurned Cincinnati for the glorious victor of Oakland.

Yet that's not necessarily true.

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Monday that there are plenty of tickets remaining for Palmer's return when the Oakland Raiders come into town on Sunday.

We suspect at some point with the Bengals holding the No. 7 seed, just outside of the playoff picture during a two-game winning streak, a drive for tickets will eventually happen. What better way to spend Sunday, beating Carson Palmer and the Raiders, and if the Indianapolis Colts are upset by the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati could have the No. 6 seed by this time next week.

It's the stuff stories are made of.