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If The Season Ended Today: Bengals Selecting No. 16 In 2013 NFL Draft

The Cincinnati Bengals had dramatically improved their spot for the 2013 NFL draft, if the season ended today.

Andy Lyons

For some reason the Cincinnati Bengals have decided to ruin (RUIN!) their first-round draft position for the 2013 NFL draft. What the hell are they thinking? A two-game winning streak puts a damper on things like a spiked ball slamming into the gut at light speed. Then again the Bengals are at .500, the first team out of the postseason picture. There is that. (I suppose)

The winning streak has electrified their previous top-ten draft position to No. 16 according to SB Nation's own Mocking The Draft.

In case you wonder about such things, the Bengals have only picked two players at No. 16 overall. Defensive end Pete Koch (1984) and offensive lineman Blair Bush (1978). Oddly enough neither were Cincinnati's first pick during their respective drafts -- Ricky Hunley was selected No. 7 overall in 1984 and Ross Browner was No. 8 in 1978.

As if you care about such things -- while rolling your eyes at Josh rambling again.