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Pete Prisco Really, Really Likes The Cincinnati Bengals

Pete Prisco with has been on the Bengals bandwagon all year and he's not about to give up yet.

John Grieshop

During his weekly Power Rankings (which we'll have posted shortly), Pete Prisco of reiterated the same love he's shown our boys all season. So much so that while some analysts and experts trip over themselves fawning over the New Orleans "It's Who Dey, Not Dat" Saints making a run after losing four-straight, he's saying that they're not even the team that will make a "real" playoff push this year.

There's always a team in mid-November that seems ready to make a real playoff push after a slow start. Many would say this year's team in that role is the New Orleans Saints. I say it's the Cincinnati Bengals.


The Bengals have won two consecutive games -- including blowing out the Super Bowl-champion Giants two weeks ago -- to get to 5-5, and they have a tissue-soft schedule that will make a run not only possible, but likely.

Here are the Bengals' next four games: Home against Oakland, at San Diego, home against Dallas, at Philadelphia. Not one of those opponents has a winning record. That stretch seemed brutal when the season started. Not anymore.

If we gave awards away for national anayst that gives the Bengals the most love this year, without a doubt our vote goes to Pete Prisco this year.