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NFL Power Rankings: BENGALS ARE NUMBER 17 (Says Everyone)

The Cincinnati Bengals won and the weekly power rankings got kind of weird.

Um. Alright. Moving on...
Um. Alright. Moving on...

When most of the Power Rankings tell you that you're No. 17 in the weekly power rankings, then you're better believe that YOU ARE NUMBER 17.

Also. After a stern talking to from yours truly, using Cincinnati's win against the Kansas City Chiefs as an example (because SB Nation's Power Rankings is primarily put together from a Chiefs fan), SB Nation has been validated. [Pounding Chest] "King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me"

Brian Billick with Fox Sports writes:

The Bengals are playing their best football of the year at the best time of the year. At 5-5, they are in the thick of a wild-card race with the Steelers and Colts.

SB Nation 17 22 17 17
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 17 18
ESPN 17 19
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 14 17
Pro Football Talk 15 16
Pro Football Weekly 17 19
Associated Press 17 17
AVG. 16.4 18.1