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Bengals Coach Hue Jackson Emerges As Head Coaching Candidate At Cal

Cincinnati Bengals assistant coach Hue Jackson wasn't long for the world as an assistant coach. It was only a matter of time before his name began emerging as a candidate.

Ezra Shaw

Jay Gruden. Mike Zimmer. Names that are often believed circulating for head coaching positions in the NFL. Yet one name that hasn't been mentioned as much is Bengals assistant defensive backs coach Hue Jackson, who has head coaching experience as well as a vast array of experience as an assistant coach and coordinator.

On Tuesday, the California Golden Bears fired head coach Jeff Tedford after 11 years as the top man for the football program. According to many sources, Bengals coach Hue Jackson is one of the top candidates on a short list of replacements, which includes Boise State head coach Chris Petersen and Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera.

Jackson was a former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for Cal in 1996 during the Steve Mariucci era, before embarking to USC and the NFL after that.

Avinash Kunnath of SB Nation's California Golden Blogs writes:

Jackson would bring along DeWayne Walker (New Mexico State head coach and former Cal DBs coach under Mooch) as his defensive coordinator, presuming that Walker doesn't return for the Aggies (he is likely to be relieved of duty with NMSU currently 1-9).

Jackson doesn't hold a vital position in terms of the coaching roster, playing an assistant in the secondary (if not an all-around assistant for the offense as well). So his departure wouldn't be a big blow in that regards; however players have a deep respect for Jackson, who often connects with his players.