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Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis: I Show A Lot Of Sniper Videos

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis shows his team a lot of sniper videos... which is sort of awesome.

Andy Lyons

Sometimes we get the feeling that if life were a fable, Marvin Lewis would certainly become the master villain in the form of an evil Tiger who delegates lesser villains into vital positions based on their talents. Or maybe that's just me.

While reflecting Jermaine Gresham's aggressive performance against the Kansas City Chiefs - a welcome addition to a persona that needs a little chipperness - Lewis related the attitude more like a deranged psychopath when he really wants an expert marksman that does his job, cool, clam and collected.

"We want to be the assassin, not the mass murderer," Lewis said. "You want to be the (military) sniper. I show a lot of sniper videos. You have to be cool and calm. When the sniper squeezes the trigger, he's got to check the wind and all those things. That's where we want to be. Very cool because you know what you're doing."

Wait. Lewis shows a lot of sniper videos? We get the example. It's actually clear as a warm Cincinnati afternoon. But seriously... he shows sniper videos? Videos of snipers showcasing their craft. What's awesome is how nonchalant he says it, as if it's common knowledge that sniper videos, not speeches, is what he thinks gets the team more focused. How do you not love this?

Not exactly sure what we're supposed to get out of that quote. Either it's far too awesome for us to really put into perspective. Or Lewis is playing entirely too much Call of Duty with Chad Johnson.

Either way. I'm off to YouTube.