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Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 12: Which Bengals To Play

It seemed as if every Bengals player just handed out fantasy points to owners when playing the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Now, with the Bengals facing the Oakland Raiders, will the party continue?

Andy Lyons

Much like it was against Kansas City last week, there is so much potential for a lot of Bengals players to have great fantasy games. Since most players will be a recommended "Start," I thought I'd throw in some situational advice as well by listing out a few players around the league that you can start each respective Bengals player over. I avoid the obvious "elite" fantasy players, of course, and tried to stick with players I have ranked around each Bengals player.

A.J. Green - He's become a synonym for "Start" in fantasy. So do it.

Andy Dalton - Dalton has continued to air it out (and run, at times) in the end zone and he's rewarding fantasy owners handsomely. He's a Must Start against Oakland's lethargic secondary. A few good fantasy quarterbacks have some tough match ups this week. I'd start Dalton over: Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, and Carson Palmer - to name a few.

Jermaine Gresham - Oakland has allowed a lot of points to fantasy tight ends this season and Jermaine Gresham has been getting more consistent in his play. He's been a solid start all season and he's always a red zone threat. Gresham is a top ten tight end for this week, and should be started over: Kyle Rudolph, Jermichael Finley, and Brandon Pettigrew.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis - I don't know that Green-Ellis will get over 100 yards against Oakland because it seems so likely on paper - meaning, odds are it won't happen. Regardless, Green-Ellis' matchup against Oakland is too tempting to sit him this week. He's a borderline top 20 start this week, and I'd start him over: Reggie Bush, Michael Turner, Mikel Leshoure, Ahmad Bradshaw.

Cincinnati Defense - The Bengals D is easily in the top 10 this week. While Oakland isn't as listless as Kansas City, mainly due to the fact that Carson Palmer actually puts points up on the scoreboard, they still create turnovers. Cincinnati has been increasingly creating turnovers as of late, and Carson Palmer creates turnovers for a living. With that said, Cincinnati is definitely a solid start this week. Other defenses I'd start Cincinnati over: Baltimore (at SD), Cleveland (vs. Pittsburgh), St. Louis (at AZ), Green Bay (vs. NYG).

Mohamed Sanu - If Andrew Hawkins sits out again this week, Sanu is an interesting plug for your starting roster. However, I wouldn't recommend Sanu unless you're in deeper leagues. If you happen to be in a touchdown only league he's a sneaky play as well. Overall, I'd start a lot of players over Mohamed Sanu, but the point is to be aware that he could get some work if Hawkins is out. If both play, I'd recommend only starting Hawkins in a PPR league, and I'd still be starting him with caution.

Cedric Peerman - I'm still not sold on Peerman getting enough work to contribute to your fantasy football team. I've said it the past few weeks and I'll say it again: Keep an eye on him or pick him if you have an empty bench slot, but Green-Ellis just had a big game and I don't see Peerman being much more than a fresh set of legs on the field against Oakland.

Discuss your fantasy football dilemmas in the comments below. For other Sit/Start/Trade questions, feel free to chat with me on Twitter @AndrewFoxMiller.