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Bengals Franchise Single-Season Records Tracker

With the performances of some Bengals players this season, some franchise records are in jeopardy of being broken. Even though individual stats mean less than team success, some milestones that look to be in reach have to be recognized.

Peter Aiken

Though the Bengals stand at a somewhat pedestrian 5-5 on the 2012 season, there have been a number of individual achievements that have piqued our interest. Though most of the impressive individual stats have come from the offensive side of the ball, there are some defensive performances to be noted. It's that time of year to track the progress of some players and see where they currently rank, in terms of franchise record standings a single season. We know that the Bengals front office won't recognize them, so if we don't do it, who will? (Zing!)

The first player in the spotlight in the NFL is the quarterback, so we'll start there. Andy Dalton has helped many forget about the shaky state that the franchise was in when their last "franchise quarterback" decided that he didn't want to play in Cincinnati anymore. Though he's had some ups and downs in his sophomore season, he has put up some huge numbers and is threatening some big franchise records--even those set by his predecessor.


+ Single season passing yards leader: Carson Palmer: 4,131 yards, 2007.

Andy Dalton projected 2012 total: 4,094 passing yards. This would be second all-time for a single season and would surpass the current No.2 total, also set by Palmer (4,035).

+ Single season passing touchdown record: Carson Palmer: 32 touchdowns, 2005.

Andy Dalton projected 2012 total: 32 touchdowns (two per game average). This would tie Palmer for the single-season record. Currently should-be Hall of Fame quarterback Ken Anderson is second with 29 touchdowns in 1981.

+ Single season completions leader: Carson Palmer: 373, 2007.

Andy Dalton projected 2012 total: 354 completions. This would be be third all-time in Bengals history.

Needless to say, wide receiver A.J. Green has had an incredible year. His predecessor Chad "I refuse to call him Ochocinco" Johnson has some of the current records, but not all Bengals receiving records are his. Green surpassed rookie records in CIncinnati from his 2011 campaign and really only played in 14 and 1/2 games. He has been an absolute monster this year and has catapulted himself into the "top five in the NFL at his position" category. Because of his performances this year, Green is threatening some big Bengals receiving records this year.


+Single season receptions leader: T.J Houshmandzadeh: 112 receptions, 2007.

A.J. Green projected 2012 total: 102 receptions; 6.4 receptions per game. This would be good for second all-time for receptions in a single season.

+Single season receiving yards leader: Chad Johnson: 1,440 yards, 2007.

A.J. Green projected 2012 total: 1,458 yards at 91.1 yards per game. This would set the franchise single season record.

+Receiving yards per game leader: Chad Johnson: 90 YPG, 2007.

A.J. Green projected 2012 total: 91.1 YPG. This would set the franchise single season record.

+Receiving touchdowns leader: Carl Pickens: 17 Touchdowns, 1995.

A.J. Green projected 2012 total: 16 touchdowns. This would be be good for second all-time in a single season.

+Consecutive game receiving touchdown record: Carl Pickens: 10 games, 1995-1996.

A.J. Green currently has nine straight games with a touchdown. One more touchdown this Sunday would tie the record and another next Sunday would break it.

Defensively, the Bengals have been known more for their team rushing defense and/or ability to create turnovers--particularly interceptions. That hasn't been the case this season, though defensive tackle Geno Atkins has been one of the most dominant players in the NFL.


+Single season sack leader for a Bengals interior defensive lineman: Dan Wilkinson, eight sacks, 1995.

Geno Atkins projected 2012 total: 13 sacks. This would set the Bengals sack record for an interior defensive lineman.

+Single season sack leader: Defensive end, Eddie Edwards: 13, 1983.

Geno Atkins projected 2012 total: 13 sacks. This would tie the Bengals all-time single season sack record.


+ Punt return touchdowns: Craig Yeast and Lemar Parrish: 2, 1994 (Yeast), 1974 (Parrish).

Adam Jones projected 2012 total: ??? Currently has 1 touchdown on 13 returns.