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Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals Coverage Map (And Games in Cincinnati)

The Cincinnati Bengals won't be viewed on many televisions this weekend outside of the west coast.

With the Cincinnati Bengals unable to sell out the return/reunion game against Carson Palmer and the Oakland Raiders, only five of the nation's 50 states will have game shown on their local CBS affiliate; vast majority of California and Hawaii, parts of Nevada, Oregon and Washington. So if you can smell the salt water from the Pacific, in a game over 2,000 miles away, there's a good shot you'll see the Cincinnati Bengals. If you live east of the the most eastern-edge in California, you won't see the game on your local CBS affiliate.

For those of us in Cincinnati, we'll get Pittsburgh at Cleveland for the early CBS game and the late afternoon "game of the week" between the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints on Fox.

To get the full NFL map for week 12, check out