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OPEN THREAD: College Football Rivalry Week

It's week 13 in college football and rivalry week is here.

Jamie Sabau

It's rivalry week and we're glued to our games of interest:

No. 19 Michigan at Ohio State (Noon, ABC)
No. 5 Oregon at No. 15 Oregon State (3:00 PM, PAC 12 Channel)
No. 4 Florida at No. 10 Florida State (3:30 PM, ABC)
No. 21 Oklahoma State at No. 13 Oklahoma (3:30 PM, ESPN)
No. 8 Stanford at No. 17 UCLA (6:30 PM, FOX)
No. 12 South Carolina at No. 11 Clemson (7:00 PM, ESPN)
No. 1 Notre Dame at USC (8:00 PM, ABC)

What are you watching? Let's talk about it.