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Rookie Mohamed Sanu Expected To Make His Second Start At Wide Receiver

One of the expected lineup changes against the Oakland Raiders is the probable start for Mohamed Sanu at wide receiver, again ensuring that Brandon Tate is primarily the return guy (some would dispute that), leaving the receiver position for Sanu, Ryan Whalen and the recently returned Marvin Jones. And A.J. Green, yes. We know. We're fairly certain that if we didn't mention him, someone would remind us as if he totally forgotten.

Sanu posted his most significant snap total against the Kansas City Chiefs, making his first NFL start at wide receiver, participating in 65 of 73 snaps last week. In the last four games that the Bengals have played, Sanu has posted 11 receptions for 125 yards receiving and two touchdowns. The rookie receiver is looking to generate a touchdown in his third straight game against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.