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Carson Palmer Sacked Twice During Raiders Opening Possession

Carson Palmer trots on the field amid a chorus of boos from their own 22-yard line. Yet the Raiders opening offense wasn't so much about Palmer, as it was Marcel Reece, who slipped through the line of scrimmage for a first down on the game's opening two plays for 13 yards combined.

On the third play of the game, Carson Palmer takes the snap, fakes the handoff and looks to hit a bubble screen. Before that could even happen, defensive tackle Geno Atkins LEVELED Carson Palmer for a seven-yard loss.

That's his ninth quarterback sack of the season, obviously a career high for him.

In the meantime Oakland had a third and 14 from their own 31-yard line, Palmer takes the shotgun snap. As he's going through his progressions, Michael Johnson fights through his blocks to drop the former Bengals quarterback for a six-yard loss.

Raiders punt.