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Bengals Finish First Quarter With Three And Out (And Bitch-Slapping Carson Palmer A Little)

With a 14-0 deficit and 2:54 remaining in the first quarter, the Oakland Raiders have only generated eight yards on offense during their opening two possessions. After overshooting a first down pass from the Raiders 26-yard line, Carson Palmer was nearly picked off by Leon Hall, rushing the pass due to Chris Crocker's near quarterback sack.

Third and 10 and eight defenders line up on the line of scrimmage. Adam Jones, unblocked, slammed a shoulder into Palmer's back just as the quarterback threw the football. Raiders go three and out and Palmer has only completed one of five passes.

The Bengals didn't fare much better on offense, going three and out after a minimal BenJarvus Green-Ellis pound and ground, followed by a six-yard Brandon Tate reception setting up a third and one from the Bengals 31-yard line. Facing heavy pressure from a bad Andre Smith block, Dalton rolled out and just as he's falling down, he floats the football over a wide open A.J. Green. Bengals punt.