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Bengals Recover Palmer Fumble, Take 27-10 Lead On Nugent Field Goal

After a scary start to the second half, the Bengals have come alive thanks to another big play from their defense. After the Raiders had good field position yet again, the defensive line pressured Palmer and forced a fumble that was recovered by Rey Maualuga. It set the Bengals up well to continue to dominate the game.

After a four-yard run by BenJarvus Green-Ellis, he scampered for a 39 yarder to take the Bengals down to the one-yard line. Green-Ellis came up one yard short of the end zone again after a big run. The Bengals were unable to punch it into the end zone from inside the one and had to settle for a Mike Nugent field goal.

The Bengals lead 27-10 in the middle of the fourth quarter.