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Cincinnati Bengals Week 12 Offensive Snap Count Against The Oakland Raiders

Breaking down the Cincinnati Bengals snap distribution during the team's 34-10 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Andy Lyons

The Cincinnati Bengals offense strung together 68 snaps during their 34-10 win over the Oakland Raiders, averaging 6.3 yards per play, marshaling a balanced offense with 221 yards rushing and nearly 200 yards passing. A couple of notes about the team's snap count.

TREVOR ROBINSON: For the third time in as many weeks, rookie center Trevor Robinson played every snap possible on offense; a combined 201 snaps. Since taking over as the starter against the New York Giants, the Bengals offensive line further stabilized, despite being graded as one of the top lines in the NFL.

ANDRE SMITH is the only offensive linemen to play every snap this year, with Zeitler sitting out one play against the Raiders. Through 11 games, Smith has participated during all 740 snaps on Cincinnati's offense while Zeitler and Clint Boling have 739 each.


Andrew Whitworth Kevin Zeitler Clint Boling Andre Smith
56/68 67/68 68/68 68/68
82% 99% 100% 100%


Trevor Robinson Jeff Faine Anthony Collins
68/68 0/68 12/68
100% 0% 18%


A.J. Green Mohamed Sanu Brandon Tate Ryan Whalen Armon Binns Andrew Hawkins Marvin Jones
59/68 57/68 21/68 4/68 DNP DNP 9/68
87% 84% 31% 6% 13%


BenJarvus Green-Ellis Chris Pressley Brian Leonard Cedric Peerman
43/68 24/68 13/68 11/68
63% 35% 19% 16%


Jermaine Gresham Orson Charles Dennis Roland
68/68 24/68 8/68
100% 35% 12%


Andy Dalton

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