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Postgame Exchange Between Andy Dalton And Carson Palmer

The postgame exchange between an older era Bengals quarterback, now with the Oakland Raiders, and the team's current quarterback was very brief and formal.

John Grieshop

The past and future met twice on Sunday, prior to the game's opening coin toss and after the game when Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer met after Cincinnati's deconstruction of the Oakland Raiders. According to Dalton (via Peter King), the exchange was very brief.

Dalton: "Stay healthy."

Palmer: "You too. Good luck."

Gripping stuff.

We thought it would go more like:

Dalton: "You should really, really, really shave that mustache."

Dalton clearly outperformed the quarterback he replaced, completing 16 passes for 210 yards passing, three touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 109.0. Palmer completed 19 passes for only 146 yards passing and a passer rating of 64.1. A side note for the defense: It was Palmer's worst performance of the year in terms of yardage and passer rating.