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NFL Week 13 Playoff Scenarios: Baltimore Ravens Can Settle The Division This Weekend (With Help)

The Cincinnati Bengals won't clinch any spots for the 2012 playoffs just yet, but there are implications that involve them this weekend.

Donald Miralle

Now that we're entering the 13th week of the 2012 regular season, postseason implications are a hot topic, especially the league released playoff scenarios.

However first things first.

The Baltimore Ravens can clinch the AFC North with a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, combined with a Cincinnati Bengals loss to the San Diego Chargers. Even if the Bengals win, Baltimore can clinch a postseason berth just by beating the Steelers. No matter. If the Bengals want a shot at the division, it forces a win every game scenario that Marvin Lewis preached last week.

Five teams can claim postseason berths this weekend, including four possibilities of teams clinching their respective divisions.



Clinch AFC North Win plus Cincinnati Bengals loss
Clinch Postseason Berth Win
Baltimore tie plus Bengals loss plus Dolphins loss or tie


Clinch Postseason Berth Win (or)
Dolphins or tie and Steelers loss or tie (or)
Dolphins or tie and Bengals loss or tie(or)
Steelers and Bengals loss


Clinch AFC East Win


Clinch AFC West Win (or)
Broncos tie plus Chargers loss (or)
Chargers loss



Clinch NFC South Win plus Buccaneers loss or tie (or)
Falcons tie plus Buccaneers loss
Clinch Postseason Berth Win plus Seahawks loss or tie (or)
Falcons tie plus Seahawks and Vikings loss