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Bengals Coach Hue Jackson Interested In Cal Job; Hasn't Heard From Them Yet

Bengals assistant coach Hue Jackson tells Mercury News, a newspaper in San Jose, that he's interested in the vacant head coaching position at Cal.

Scott Boehm

It was never expected that Hue Jackson would remain with Cincinnati as long as Jay Gruden and Marvin Lewis were here as the team's offensive coordinator and head coach respectively. Jackson's return to Cincinnati was Lewis helping an old friend, who was without a team by mid-February when Cincinnati brought him on board. Yet having Jackson enhanced the coaching staff, providing experience as well as a coach that players universally respect (and love).

Earlier this month when Cal fired long-time head coach Jeff Tedford, Bengals assistant defensive backs and special teams coach Hue Jackson was quickly rumored as a candidate on a very short list.

Jackson told the Mercury News in San Jose that he's interested but hasn't heard from them.

Former Raiders coach Hue Jackson said he has not heard from Cal but that he would be interested in the Bears' coaching position, calling it "a golden opportunity" for whoever gets the job.

"I think they can be as good as they want to be," Jackson told this newspaper Tuesday in a phone interview. "They should have an opportunity to compete for the Pac-12 championship, BCS bowls, the national championship. Why not Cal?"

According to SB Nation's Pacific Takes, Cal hired a company named DHR to conduct their coaching search. In this world of college football secrecy, saying he wasn't contacted by Cal would actually be true, since they're not the one's initially making contact.

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