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Hue Jackson Interviewing For Vacant Head Coaching Job This Week

Bengals assistant coach Hue Jackson is reportedly interviewing for the open head coaching job at Cal this week.

Thearon W. Henderson

As we pointed out earlier on Tuesday, Bengals assistant defensive backs and special teams coach Hue Jackson, is interested in the vacant head coaching gig at Cal. Though he denied any contact at this point, it's hard to accept much honesty in a sport such as college football which is accustom to white lies when it comes to coaching rumors.

According to Ryan Gorcey at, covering the California Golden Bears, Jackson will be interviewed this week by Sandy Barbour, the Athletic Director at Cal. Gorcey tweets that upwards to seven candidates could be interviewed, including Jackson and Boise State head coach Chris Petersen, who "shot down" any rumors about the job.

Since Jackson isn't a primary position coach or coordinator, it's unlikely that the Bengals will have a need to replace him. And we doubt that they'll fight to keep him, unless they have grander plans beyond that of an assistant to a position coach or coordinator.