Lets bring in Babin

Yes, I realize that the Bengals have reverted to their D line rotation and it is a huge reason why the team has turned things around; however, can a team ever have too many pass rushers? He is one year removed from an 18 sack season and while not producing at that level this year (not many would) he has still generated 5.5 sacks on an absolutely horrendous Eagles D.

If you bring him in, the real question is who do you release? IMO, Jason Allen (as I think Quinn was released earlier). Obviously, Quinn is the choice if still here but focusing on Allen. He hasn't played. The secondary is healthy now and playing well. I would rather have the extra pass rusher, especially with Dunlap's injury history, and get after the QB. Bringing in Babin also protects the Bengals against the potential loss of MJ in the off season.


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