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Update On JungleJohn: The CJ Version Of Geno Atkins

Our very own JungleJohn is fighting back and now he's taking no names on a Geno Atkins-like path to recovery.

Chris Trotman

Earlier this month we told you about the unfortunate turn for someone in our Cincy Jungle family. JungleJohn, who has been with us for several years, has been suffering from Relapsing/Remitting MS for several years, recently fighting off a series of strokes that left him comatose several times for days at a time. The outpouring of responses from our community was heartwarming, yet completely expected. We're a brotherhood (with sisters) of Bengals fans, finding our way to each other for a common interest. Friendships with strong bonds that were created that can't be severed, not through bad seasons or real-life struggles.

Many of you had been wanting an update on John, so we reached out to his friend who has been keeping me in the loop (but out of fear of saying something I shouldn't, wanted his friend to craft a letter directly to you).

John is recovering nicely if a bit slower than we all hope. He has almost total use of his right hand and per the doctors (I always need to ask them as all John will say is that he is fine) his left hand and arm are close to 50%. He still can’t walk without assistance and the word is that he is wearing out his rehab people because he wants to go a lot longer than they had him scheduled for.

He is working hard and he may be going home as soon as he can get some equipment set up there to use to rehab. The doctors are being cautiously optimistic for a full recovery but warn us that it is not uncommon for a relapse to occur.

He is in good spirits, as he has been able to have visitors including just about everyone who works for him here and his plethora of friends. Seeing his granddaughter Ella lit him up with joy as they are so very close.

The Bengals recent success and the possibility of going home has him working on rehab perhaps a bit too hard so he can finally have access to his laptop soon.

So, tell everyone there at CJ that he is adamant that he will be back as soon as he is able and nobody knows when that may be days or weeks. Please let them know how humbled and appreciative he is at all of the support and good wishes the guys there have shown. Like I said before, if anyone can beat this John is the guy and it looks like he isn’t just beating it. He is (his words) going to "kick it’s ass". He says he has too much unfinished business to let this stop him. He also wanted me to let Bigcatdaddy know that he is very interested in setting up the football camp foundation and wants to get started soon.

Dare we say JungleJohn is our own version of Geno Atkins?

Get back soon, John.