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Bengals Left Tackle Andrew Whitworth Fined $26,260 For Fight

The NFL fined Andrew Whitworth for his role during the fourth quarter fight between the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Jared Wickerham

According to a tweet from Local 12 sports anchor/reporter Zach Wells, Bengals starting left tackle Andrew Whitworth has been fined $26,250 for his role during Sunday's fight that ended with his ejection. During a dead ball foul on Andre Smith's false start, Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston tackled Andy Dalton well after the whistle.

Whitworth took exception and charged Houston, which began a confrontation between the Bengals and Raiders. When it was said and done, Whitworth, Houston and Tommy Kelly were all ejected from the game.

After the game, Whitworth said:

"I've got two contracts in my life. One, with my wife because we're married. And, two, I've got a contract to protect Andy Dalton. I'll do both of those to the best of my ability."

Additionally Whitworth won't be suspended, though the league hasn't officially announced if anyone else would be -- the NFL typically notifies teams on Tuesday, allowing organizations time to adjust.