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Nearly 11,000 Unsold Chargers Tickets Remain Against The Cincinnati Bengals

The super-hot Cincinnati Bengals apparently aren't that interesting in San Diego with reportedly 11,000 unsold tickets remaining for Sunday's game.

Andy Lyons

At least it's not just a Cincinnati Bengals thing.

The San Diego Chargers announced on Thursday that Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals failed to sell out Qualcomm Stadium. According to their press release "nearly 11,000 general tickets remain" for Sunday's game, which figures to be a critical matchup for the Bengals, but not so much for the 4-7 Chargers.

This is the third game this year the Chargers have failed to sell out, with a fourth requiring help from local businesses.

Chargers-Bengals is also the third game this weekend failing to sellout. The Bills have reportedly 15,000 unsold tickets this week against the Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders broke a 13-game sellout streak this weekend against the Cleveland Browns. Thankfully the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the road, or it would have been four.

Earlier this week the Chargers had announced over 12,000 unsold tickets remained, barely taking a four-digit chunk in the four days since.