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Winning Streak Will Reach Four Games If The Bengals Continue First Half Domination

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to win their fourth game in a row this weekend against the San Diego Chargers.

Andy Lyons

Against the Giants, Chiefs and Raiders, the Cincinnati Bengals have clearly been on the giving end of a Mike Tyson uppercut, exploding with 35 combined points in the first quarter while only allowing six points -- one touchdown shy of a 1-1 touchdown-to-point ratio.

Expanding that thought by another quarter and the Bengals have done to opposing teams what Nicholas Cage does to movies. During the first half of Cincinnati's three game winning, the Bengals have outscored their opponents 62-12. If not for league rules, second halves could turn into MMA matches with a flair of WWE loyalty. Wait...

And of the 16 first half possessions in the last three games, eight have resulted in a touchdown, two with field goals and only three punts (one of which was a three and out).

Before charging into rambunctious talking point that Cincinnati completely shuts down in the second half, take note that they're still outscoring opposing teams 31-17 in the second half during Cincinnati's three-game winning streak. Philosophically it makes sense, especially if you've had the luxury of watching each game.

Once commanding a comfortable lead, Cincinnati's offense enters the entree of conservatism until the clock reaches triple-zero obscurity (if there's all zeros on the clock, does the clock even exist?).