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Bengals LB Dan Skuta Deserves Some Special Teams Love

Bengals linebacker Dan Skuta has been a staple in Cincinnati's defense, largely as a backup linebacker going on four years.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Watching special teams can be three-fourths frustration. A punt or field goal attempt signifies a failed offensive possession -- though the field goal can have enormous implications, its still not a touchdown. Save for when they occur during the opening of either half, kickoff returns are obvious.

Individually speaking, guys like Andrew Hawkins, Adam Jones and Cedric Peerman receive most of the praise (alternatively Brandon Tate is not unlike the son of Bane and Darth Vader).

However give some love to Bengals linebacker Dan Skuta. Though not as flashy like the returners or tricky fake punts, Skuta just makes the tackles against the opposing return game to limit their special teams squad.

According to Football Outsiders, Skuta has generated a team-high seven special teams stops; only nine players in the NFL generated more, which they define as "the opposing returner short of the point where FO considers it to be an above average return". Skuta currently leads the team with 11 special teams sacks, including several games where he led the team in all special teams stops.

Skuta is playing on a one-year deal as a restricted free agent.