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Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers TV Broadcast Coverage

The Cincinnati Bengals head to San Diego for a critical week 13 game against the Chargers. Will you be able to see it?

Andy Lyons

Unfortunately for San Diego the game won't be on their local CBS affiliate, failing to sellout against the Cincinnati Bengals. It's almost like a a twisted battle against the state of California. First the Raiders come to town and the game is blacked out. Now the Bengals head out to California and the game is blacked out in San Diego.

And since the Pittsburgh Steelers (sans Ben Roethlisberger) head to Baltimore taking the "honor" of being game of the week, preventing most of United States from seeing the Bengals, Cincinnati's coverage will be extremely limited on Sunday -- moreso with Cleveland also playing a late afternoon game in Oakland.

If you live in the Cincinnati region, our early afternoon games are the Colts at Lions (CBS) and Vikings at Packers (FOX). To see what NFL games broadcast in your region of the country, head to