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Chargers Game A Homecoming For Bengals Rookie WR Marvin Jones

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones is heading home this weekend against the San Diego Chargers.

Joe Robbins

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones hales from Fontana, California, close enough to call his personal homecoming. Writes Jay Morrison with the Dayton Daily News:

"It’s probably going to be around 30 people," said Jones, a native of Fontana, Calif., which is about two hours north of San Diego. "That’s always good, going back home," Jones added. "I remember when I was at Cal. I would go to UCLA or USC and I’d have 25 or so people show up there. It’s always good going back to southern California."

Jones could see an upswing in snaps on Sunday with the news that fellow rookie Mohamed Sanu is likely out for the year with a stress fracture.

Through six games played this season, Jones has generated three receptions for 26 yards reception.