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Broncos Take 10-3 Lead On Eric Decker 13-Yard Touchdown Reception

The Cincinnati Bengals defense at this point had been strong, serviceable, not giving up big plays while keeping quarterback Peyton Manning guessing. Setting up a third and three from their own 28-yard line, Manning floats the football on a five-yard crossing pattern to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas for the first down.

On the following play, Manning faked the handoff to Willis McGahee, looks downfield and launches the football down the left sidelines for Demaryius Thomas, who had destroyed Leon Hall's coverage by a good 2-3 steps. The receiver hauled down the 45 yard reception to the Bengals 21-yard, tripped up by Chris Crocker saving the touchdown.

Following another limited gain up the gut by McGahee and a seven-yard pass to Joel Dreessen for seven, Manning sets up at the Bengals 13-yard line on third and two. Eric Decker crosses from right to left, hauling in the football, cutting upfield and scoring a touchdown knocking down the front left pylon.

The Broncos take a 10-3 lead.