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Andy Dalton, Jermaine Gresham And A.J. Green Reduce Denver's 14-Point Lead To Seven

Just how we envisioned it.

Trindon Holliday returned the second-half opening kickoff 105 yards to expand their lead 17-3. Sigh. Smack my head. Other internet idioms to express frustration.

Yet those idioms turned to fist-pumping shotgun shots. With second and eight from the Bengals 37-yard line, Dalton scrambled out of the pocket, rolling out left and finding a wide-open Jermaine Gresham roughly near the first down marker. That's not it. The Bengals tight end cut upfield, jumping tackles and reading blocks for a 52-yard gain down the left sidelines.

Following another (snoozing) BenJarvus Green-Ellis run up the middle, Andy Dalton floats the football to A.J. Green on a back-shoulder fade, who holds onto the football for the touchdown.

The Bengals cut reduce Denver's deficit 17-10.