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Terence Newman Intercepts Peyton Manning In End Zone; Bengals Begin Their Drive Facing 17-10 Deficit

The Bengals were quick to stop Broncos return man Trindon Holliday from making another play as they stopped him at the 17 yard line to begin the Broncos offensive drive.

Peyton Manning completed a pass to tight end Jacob Tamme for a 12 yard gain, and followed it up with a run that was stopped by Geno Atkins for a 4 yard loss. The Broncos have struggled on the ground against this Bengals defense, and Peyton Manning seemed to be fully aware as he began an aerial assault as he has been sitting comfortably in the pocket with no pass rush to speak of from the Bengals defense.

After completing passes to both Brandon Stokely and Eric Decker, and incompletion forced Manning to face a 3rd and 5 situation. A short completion to running back Ronnie Hillman converted the 3rd down for the Broncos. While the run game hasn't exactly been productive for the Broncos, they still ran a few attempts to keep the Bengals defense honest, and McGahee finally found a hole for a 10 yard gain. Manning followed up a somewhat successful run with a huge completion to Brandon Stokely for 20 yards.

Faced with 12 yards to the end zone in Cincinnati territory, Manning threw to Decker in the end zone, but Terence Newman picked off Manning's pass in the end zone.

The Bengals will begin their drive from their own 20 yard line with 5:30 left in the 3rd quarter.