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Cincinnati Bengals Further Reduce The Broncos Lead After Mike Nugent 49-Yard Field Goal

Oh that shifty momentum reverts back to the Cincinnati Bengals.

With third and seven from the Bengals 23-yard line and 4:10 remaining in the third quarter, Andy Dalton with an empty backfield, leads rookie Mohamed Sanu in full stride down the middle of the field. The wide receiver avoids a tackle and gained a total 34 yards on the play, picking up the first down and pushing to Denver's side of the field.

A handful of runs, 11-yard comeback route and tipped second down attempt leads to a third and six from the Broncos 24-yard line with 1:54 remaining in the third.

Andy Dalton in shotgun with three receivers to the left (including Jermaine Gresham). Von Miller powerfully bull-rushed Andre Smith and generates the quarterback sack.

Mike Nugent converts the 49-yard field goal to further reduce Denver's lead to four points.