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Peyton Manning Connects With Joel Dreesen For A Touchdown; Broncos Lead Bengals 24-20

The Bengals gave the Broncos two opportunities for a kickoff return as there was an offsides penalty on the Bengals. Both resulted in touchbacks. Naturally, the Broncos began their drive on their own 20 yard line.

Then, Peyton Manning started his usual fourth quarter clinic.

Manning completed a pass to Demaryius Thomas for 6 yards followed by another failed handoff. The Bengals have consistently been stopped Willis McGahee and the Broncos run game, and Manning is undoubtedly aware of it.

Peyton Manning with a fourth quarter deficit is a dangerous threat. He passed to Eric Decker for a 30 yard pick up, followed by another completion to Demaryius Thomas for a 13 yard gain. Adam Jones was called for pass interference at the Bengals 1 yard line, which resulted in a 1st and 1 in the red zone.

Manning threw for a touchdown to tight end Joel Dreesen. 24-10 Broncos with 11:47 left in the fourth quarter.