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Broncos Lead Bengals 31-20 After Manning Connects With Decker In End Zone

The Broncos began their drive in Bengals territory at the 46 yard line after Andy Dalton's pass was intercepted by Champ Bailey. The Broncos began with a 9-yard run by Willis McGahee, but their 2nd and 1 because a 3rd and 6 after a false start on the offense.

Peyton Manning threw a quick check down to Brandon Stokely for a 15 yard gain. The Broncos began pounding the ground with McGahee, and they were faced with a 3rd and 2 that was easily converted by another McGahee run - this time for 12 yards.

With 4 yards to go, Manning connected with Eric Decker for the touchdown, complemented by a pass interference penalty by Terence Newman that was declined, of course.

The Broncos lead the Bengals 31-20 with 3:36 left in the game.