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Giants QB Eli Manning Receives Some Advanced Scouting From Peyton On The Bengals

Oh, good brothers they are. Peyton Manning, who played the Bengals last Sunday during Denver's 31-23 win, forwarded some tips and advice to younger brother Eli, who prepares for the Bengals this weekend.

Andy Lyons

Peyton Manning's performance against the Cincinnati Bengals was by no means masterful. Terence Newman's two-interception day marked only the second time this season that Manning threw multiple interceptions in a game. His 291 yards passing is the first sub-300 yard passing game since September 23, against the Atlanta Falcons.

That's not to say he didn't put together an impressive afternoon, converting a 20-17 deficit in the fourth quarter into a 31-23 Broncos win. But when historians reflect on Manning's best performances, this won't be a game mentioned.

Yet as one Manning leaves Cincinnati, the younger brother Eli preps for a Week Ten showdown against the Bengals this Sunday. And what better scouting report than to have as your older brother, identified as one of the best quarterbacks of this generation.

"I talked to him a little bit yesterday," Eli Manning said on a conference call with the Cincinnati media. "Sometimes it's nice to have a quarterback to talk to who just played the game, and some of their ideas and some of their tips and preparations. We have a little bit different styles of offense, but there always might be a tip or two that you might have eventually found. But coming in, you can look for certain things. So we definitely talked a little bit. And then they're playing Carolina, who we've already played, so I'm trying to give some thoughts from mine as well."

Eli Manning is coming off a poor performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, only converted ten of 24 passes for 125 yards passing and a passer rating of 41.1.