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National Football Post Breaks Down Bengals Guard Otis Hudson

On Wednesday, National Football Post took some time to look at AFC North practice squad players. One of the players they highlighted was Bengals guard Otis Hudson.


National Football Post has released a list of ten practice squad players in the NFL North that they believe will develop into contributors to each respective team's 53 man roster. On Wednesday, NFP released the second five of ten on their list. Of the players they listed, Otis Hudson was given the nod as a player they believed has a future on the Bengals roster.

"A small school player, Hudson is still a work in progress having played defensive line at Minnesota early in his college career before making switch to offensive line after transferring to Eastern Illinois. Hudson has the playing strength to control and dominate defensive linemen when he blocks with base and "gets a good fit" first. Despite his athleticism, Hudson still struggles with consistency as a blocker due to not blocking with good technique every snap. In his third season with the Bengals, Hudson has the potential to start at guard in 2013 if he can improve his technique and constancy."

Hudson has been on the practice squad since he was selected in the fifth round of the 2010 draft. He's been a bit held back after an injury in 2011, but Hudson's size and continual development as an interior lineman would lead one to believe he'll be at least a source of roster competition in 2013.

If Clint Boling can continue improving at guard, and if Travelle Wharton comes back as healthy and determined as he vows for 2013, Hudson will have some challenges for a spot. Nonetheless, if he truly becomes starter material, Hudson would be a welcomed addition. If anything, Hudson could be a contender as the primary backup of the future.

The Bengals have had their share of offensive line injuries and a surplus of talent in 2013 would be an absolute joy in comparison.