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New York Giants Players React To A.J. Green's Comments

Giants heard about A.J. Green's comments that there appears to be holes in New York's defense. They reacted on Thursday.

Al Bello

One would think that by saying that the New York Giants defense has holes in it during an interview on WFAN in New York, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green would cause a little locker room stir in New York. Yet within the context of appreciating humbleness, the New York Giants defenders didn't follow the egomaniacal over-reactionary thread that's prevalent by most NFL players.

Green said earlier this week that he felt New York has "a lot of holes in their defense." Yet later during the interview, Green praised the Giants defensive line.

"Their front four, they get so much pressure on the quarterback," he said. "A lot of people don’t have that much time to get the big plays on them.

Now Green's comments weren't so much a shitstorm of pregame trash talk, as it was an honest assessment based on his opinion. You just have to know the guy's personality. He's the anti-Chad Johnson.

Ed Valentine with Big Blue View wrote up a series of quotes from Giants defenders reacting to Green's perspective. Starting safety Antrel Rolle said:

"I think every defense has holes in it. If our defense has holes in it, then he shouldn't have a problem exploiting it. ... The game has to be played on Sunday and we just try and make sure we take our best approach out there come Sunday and go into our bye 7-3."

Jason Pierre-Paul added:

"It is what it is and everybody has their own opinions about our defense and it is what it is. Come Sunday, all we're going to do is play football before our bye week."

[h/t to Ed for the heads up]