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Bobbie Williams On Carson Palmer: "Always Looking For The Big Homerun"

The Baltimore Ravens host the Oakland Raiders this weekend; perhaps the only time of year that the Ravens will be favorably cheered from Bengals... ever.


The Baltimore Ravens (6-2) host the Oakland Raiders (3-5) this weekend, where Carson Palmer continues a full season of "how ya doing" with his old foes in the AFC North. An old teammates and buddy of his, Bobbie Williams, coming off a sprained ankle last week against the Cleveland Browns, reminisces about Palmer's on-field attributes to the Baltimore Sun.

"He's always looking for the big home run," Williams said. "That's something that hasn't changed. If it's there, then he'll definitely go after it. That's just one thing that you know about him, a guy that's looking for the big home run."


"If you give him time, he can be pretty accurate," Williams said of Palmer. "The thing with him is you have to get in his face and get around him and get him unnerved and then have him kind of go through his progressions. With a defense like ours, it will be hard for him to do. When he's deadliest, he likes to sit back and pick you apart if you give him time."

Palmer, 1-0 this year against the AFC North, has started 17 games with the Raiders since being traded to Oakland last year, winning seven while tossing for 5,108 yards, completing 26 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. The Week 10 meeting kicks off at 1 PM on CBS throughout much of Ohio.

The Bengals will host Oakland on November 25.