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Cincy Jungle Caper: Giving Away Two Free Bengals Tickets

With the threat of blackouts consistently on our minds with a 3-5 team, there's a good chance that the only way to see the games is to be there. We'll give you a shot.



We're back with another Cincy Jungle Caper, giving away two free tickets to the Cincinnati Bengals home game against the Oakland Raiders on November 25.

A reminder. You will be presented with a set of clues. Each clue is a mini-trivia in of itself that will greatly assist you on your endeavor for the correct answer. When you get all of the clues answered correctly, then you will have what you need to answer the trivia correctly.

Once you know the answer, submit it First correct answer that we receive, wins (and no, I'm not responding to every submission, so if you don't hear from me within an hour, assume your answer is incorrect).

The winner will win two free tickets to the Cincinnati Bengals home game, hosting the Oakland Raiders on November 25, 2012.

Everything you need to solve the puzzle is here. Pay close attention to the hints and possible other trippy clues.

There are three clues to this puzzle. This is a Bengals Caper.

Initially here is Clue #1
Bengals really understand competition. Every caper leaves a yes, perhaps off of limitations.

Clue #2
I made my debut at the same time as Cris Collinsworth

What am I?

[Question by Todd Calaway and Bill Bailey]