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Pregame Ritual: How Do You Get Ready For The Cincinnati Bengals

Everyone is different, with different rituals, family obligations, etc.. How do you get geared up for a Cincinnati Bengals weekend?

Rob Carr

Sundays can be chaos for me. Pots of coffee pounding an aroma that permeates throughout the kitchen, my laptop and desktop powering three LED monitors surrounding me like a pilot from a futurist space movie. Stats and scores scrolling to my left, media components (radio, game updates) on my right with my editor and writing tools directly in front of me.

ESPN's NFL Countdown or NFL Network's pregame show concludes, and my remote lifts for the eventual shift to CBS -- except for this weekend. Not because the Bengals won't be on FOX, rather it won't be on at all.

Kickoff and the typing begins, updates after updates, direction with my team with a handful of fist pumps and temper tantrums. That's how I watch the Cincinnati Bengals.

What's your pregame ritual when watching the Cincinnati Bengals (when they're actually on).

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