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INFIRMARY REPORT: Injured Bengals Against The Dallas Cowboys

The game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys was a rough one; not just for the result, but there are a lot of bodies that played that game needing extra attention on both sides.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

+ LEON HALL (Side, Back) Following the two minute warning in the first half, the Cowboys have third and nine from the Cowboys 19-yard line. Tony Romo takes the snap, rolls out to the right and finds Miles Austin. Leon Hall is trailing when Austin makes the reception, causing a three-car pileup with Terence Newman on the other side. Think the Matrix Reloaded, when two agents collide head-on with two Semis.

Unfortunately it caused Hall to momentarily lay on his back, gripping his right side after the play. After flexing a little on the sideline for a single play, Hall returned to the game. Hall would leave later in the game for a couple of plays, but returned soon after, missing only four defensive snaps on the afternoon.

+ REY MAUALUGA (Knee). Just after Austin Miles' touchdown was ruled incomplete with over 11 minutes remaining in the second quarter, the Cowboys had second and goal from the Bengals two-yard line. DeMarco Murray took the handoff and Rey Maualuga jumped over blockers to reach the running back. Though Murray didn't score, and Maualuga was credited with an assisted tackle, the starting middle linebacker took a long time to get back to his feet.

He was ruled questionable after leaving the field with a knee injury. Yet he returned by Dallas' next possession, only missing Murray's one-yard touchdown after leaving momentarily leaving the game.

+ MICHAEL JOHNSON (Foot). With 1:31 remaining in the second quarter, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo took the third and ten snap from the Cowboys 30-yard line. Scanning the field, Romo began shifting in the pocket. A hole opened up to his left and Romo motioned towards the opening before seeing Geno Atkins fill the gap. At which point Romo said, "f--- that" and turned around.

Unfortunately for Romo, Michael Johnson had already deflected his blocker and began dragging Romo down by the jersey. Yet at some point during the quarterback sack, Carlos Dunlap arrived and twisted Romo to the turf, though accidentally gripping the inside part of his helmet, committing a personal foul.

At the same time, it appeared that he landed on Johnson's foot, forcing him to leave the game with a foot injury. He was replaced by Robert Geathers at the end of the first half. Though questionable to return, Johnson returned during Dallas' opening possession in the second half.

+ VONTAZE BURFICT: With 1:17 remaining in the game, DeMarco Murray ran to the outside on third and five from the Bengals 30-yard line. Vontaze Burfict tracked down Murray to the outside, tackling him on the six-yard gain. Burfict, in obvious pain, was hunched over before laying on his back for several minutes.

Being that the game was over two plays later, Burfict never returned. More will be updated on Monday.