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NFL Power Rankings: Drop-Kicking The Bengals Like The Murphys

The Cincinnati Bengals hosted the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday and suffered an emotionally draining defeat. You can only imagine how players will react seeing the Power Rankings (yes, we're kidding).

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

This one stung.

Both emotional (as well as physically) and through the Power Rankings this week. Most organizations dropped Cincinnati 3-4 spots in the Power Rankings this week after losing to the Dallas Cowboys on a last-second field goal conversion. Though if you listen to some Bengals fans, they should be ranked No. 33.

SB Nation 16 12 12 9
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 13 9
ESPN 14 11
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 15 9
Pro Football Talk 13 10
Pro Football Weekly 15 13
Associated Press 16 13
AVG. 14.25 10.8