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Week 14 Fantasy Football Recap For Bengals Players

Hopefully Bengals players didn't cost you your fantasy playoffs on Sunday. Much like their performance on the field, the Bengals had a lot of players that put up duds in fantasy football as they faced the Dallas Cowboys. Let's take a look at how some key players' performances affected the world of fake football.

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Andrew Hawkins deserves to be in this list if not simply because he was the only player on the Bengals to score a touchdown on Sunday. Hawkins' six catches also helped PPR owners tremendously.

Josh Brown is a player I'm surprised to be mentioning for Week 14, but Mike Nugent's substitute ended up being tied for second highest scoring kicker of the week with four field goals made on four attempts. One of Brown's field goals was for 52 yards. Last week, I recommended not bothering with Brown. With many fantasy leagues heading into playoffs, I just couldn't recommend starting a player with no 2012 sample to go off of. If you started Brown for some reason, it certainly paid off.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis played like the "RB2" most fantasy owners expect him to be. While he didn't score, Green-Ellis ranked in the top twenty-five this week primarily due to his 89 rushing yards.


Andy Dalton barely eclipsed two hundred passing yards, and his lone passing touchdown was hampered a bit from an interception. Dalton failed to reach the top twenty for quarterbacks in fantasy football this week, but is still a top ten quarterback on the season. We'll take a look at his match up in Philadelphia later this week.

A.J. Green continued what now appears to be a streak of game in which he hasn't found the end zone. In standard scoring leagues, this is the lowest scoring week that A.J. Green has delivered all season as he was only able to manage 44 yards on three catches. He continues to be a "must-start" wide receiver, of course.

Jermaine Gresham has teetered on the line between "good" and "great" in the world of fantasy football this season. On Sunday, Gresham only managed 43 yards with no score. The last time Gresham put up less than fifty yards without a score was against the Steelers in week seven. It was certainly a let down for Gresham owners, but he continues to be a solid start in all formats.

Cincinnati's Defense was not much less than a serviceable start in fantasy football on Sunday, but they were barely ranked in the top twenty and it was the first week the Bengals D score less than double-digit points since playing the Denver Broncos five weeks ago. I wasn't thrilled about the Bengals defense against the Cowboys, but wasn't skeptical of them enough to recommend benching them. I recommended stashing Cincinnati's defense for their game in Philadelphia, but I'm even having my doubts about that at this point... more on that later this week though.

Did any player cost you your season for week fourteen? Did you boldly start Andrew Hawkins and reap the fantasy rewards? Discuss in the comments section below!