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Eagles Climb Back In On Riley Cooper Touchdown Reception

Well, this looks familiar, doesn't it? The Bengals have dominated the game for almost the entire quarter-plus of football, but somehow the Eagles are right in it. After a lackluster couple of drives by the Bengals offense, the Bengals defense was yet again tasked with saving the day. Midway through the second quarter, the defense they were relying on faltered.

The Bengals had been holding Nick Foles and Bryce Brown in check until Foles completed a 46-yard completion to Jeremy Maclin on a pump fake pass. Chris Crocker was beaten badly on the play, but he wasn't the only defender who bit on the fake screen pass. It set the Eagles up to get right back in the game. And they did.

Nick Foles hit Riley Cooper on a 11-yard touchdown pass to cut the Bengals lead 10-7. After a quick start, thanks to a couple of Philadelphia turnovers, the Bengals offense has absolutely sputtered. Bengals have the ball with around ten minutes left in the half.