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Eagles Field Goal Gives Them 13-10 Lead Over Bengals At Halftime

After the Eagles were able to turn Andy Dalton's fumble into three points on the scoreboard, a lot of back-and-forth ensued, as both teams were struggling to find first downs.

The Bengals had an uphill battle after a holding penalty from Jermaine Gresham, and they were unable to overcome from 1st and 20. Facing a 3rd down, Dalton was sacked for a nine yard loss.

The Bengals were forced to punt to the Eagles, who began their drive at their own 45 yard line.

The Eagles shared the same three-and-out fate that the Bengals did, and were forced to punt to the Bengals.

Unfortunately for the Bengals, Brandon Tate opted to catch the ball at the one yard line rather than let the ball bounce into the end zone for a touchback.

Dalton was quick to strike A.J. Green for a 12-yard completion which put the ball on Cincinnati's 22 yard line (in other words, two yards beyond where the Bengals should have started their drive, Brandon Tate). A six yard rush up the middle by Green-Ellis and a three yard completion to Jermaine Gresham left the Bengals offense with a big 3rd and 1 with 2:34 left in the half. Andy Dalton was able to sneak up the middle and convert for the first down. Then a would-be ten yard rush from Dalton was taken back after Andre Smith was called for holding.

Then, it happened: Andy Dalton, again, loses the football as Cullen Jenkins forces the fumble with Dalton in throwing motion.

The Eagles, already in the red zone, used rookie Bryce Brown to work their way into a first down with 39 seconds left in the half. An illegal snap penalty on Eagles center Dallas Reynolds brought the Eagles back to their own seven yard line. Nick Foles was able to complete a pass to Clay Harbor just a yard shy of the end zone, but Nick Foles couldn't capitalize on an end zone completion on two more tries.

Alex Henery was able to nail a 20 yard field goal to give the Eagles a three point lead heading into halftime.

The Bengals have allowed 13 unanswered points and desperately need to collect themselves for the remaining thirty minutes of this game.