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Bengals Take A 24-13 Lead After Forced Fumble And Wallace Gilberry Touchdown

After struggling through most of the game, the Bengals have started to pull away from the Eagles as the defense forced a fumble which was recovered for a touchdown.


Literally right after the Bengals took their first lead since the first half, they extended that lead by forcing another turnover. Eagles running back Bryce Brown, who has had trouble holding on to the ball since taking over for LeSean McCoy, was hit by Pat Sims in the backfield, jarring the football loose from Brown's grip. The fumble was scooped up by defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry, who returned it 25 yards for a touchdown to give the Bengals a 24-13 lead late in the third quarter.

This was a much needed score for the Bengals to get the momentum back in their favor as they haven't looked even close to explosive since the first couple drives of the game. It also takes some of the pressure of the struggling offense to make things happen.

However, it's very possible that the absolute best thing about this touchdown was the fact that it was a fat guy who ran the ball into the end zone and fans got to enjoy a nice fat-guy dance.