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Josh Brown Capitalizes on Another Eagles Turnover With 32 Yard Field Goal; Bengals Lead 27-13

Well, the Bengals certainly turned a corner. Emotions are peaked, the offense is managing their possessions, and the defense is playing with unrelenting focus and drive.

The Eagles began their drive after a crushing turnover from rookie running back Bryce Brown. Foles connected with tight end Clay Harbor for a would-be first down, but Reggie Nelson laid into Harbor and forced a fumble that was recovered by Chris Crocker.

And just like that: The Bengals have yet another opportunity to capitalize on an Eagles turnover.

Unfortunately, the Bengals were unable to reach the end zone. However, the Bengals were able to get three points after Josh Brown nailed a 32 yard field goal.

The Bengals are now leading the Eagles 27-13.