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Bengals Suddenly Dominate On Green Touchdown, 34-13

What a difference a half of a quarter makes. The Bengals were reeling coming out of the half and things looked bleak. However, thanks to a couple of turnovers and a tricky onside kick, the Bengals are once again in control. Oh, those tricky Bengals.

After the Bengals took a 27-13 lead on a Josh Brown field goal, the Bengals saw their opponent on thoe ropes and took advantage. After a squib kick that the Bengals recovered the fumble and extended their lead to put the game out of Philadelphia's reach.

After a patchwork drive, Andy Dalton hit A.J. Green on a fade route to put the game further out of reach. Neither Dalton or Green have have a great game, but they've gutted through a tough performance to pull out to a 34-13 lead.